Thursday, 18 July 2013

On A Daily Basis

Whilst El is on maternity leave it’s just me in the shop at the moment. It can get a bit lonely sometimes, and my over active mind and imagination are my own worst enemy (they are also incredibly useful at times too...but at the moment they are more troublesome than useful)
 Here is a list of things that run through my mind on a daily basis.

  •       ‘This is a ridiculous idea. What were we thinking?’ (No one has been yet and we have only been open for an hour, I must go and find a quiet, dark corner and start crying in it.)

  •        ‘Oh no! The radio is playing ‘Youth’ by Daughter’ (It’s a beautiful song but makes me cry every time I hear it)
  •     ‘Why do people insist on thinking the shop is a charity shop?’ (here’s an example of a conversation I regularly have:

‘Hello, is this a charity shop?’, ‘No, but we are a lovely shop full of handmade items’,’oh...I thought it was a charity shop’...customer leaves without even looking.)
       ‘What were we thinking I’m not up to this, we can’t run a busy shop! We’re rubbish!’ (following a busy rush)
  •   ‘It’s a good job the shop has two doors; this breeze is lovely and cool.’
  •        ‘It’s 3pm...time for cake’ (The shop is run in association with Cafe Moochoo...meaning I’m just a stone’s throw away from the tastiest homemade cakes in Cheltenham) 
  • ‘I hope people don’t think mean things about us because we have opened a shop’ (this one seems weird doesn’t it? But I’m aware that our situation is incredibly fortunate and that some people get envious and that that sometimes comes out as mean thoughts...for example ‘I want to run a shop like them...I’d do a much better job than them...and I have better shoes and hair than them too’)
  •        ‘Mum and Dad are going on holiday this week...It would have been lovely if I could have gone to with them, but the shop needs to be manned...and anyway they are going camping and it would have been ridiculously hot in the tent’
  •        ‘Ohh...I better check Facebook for the tenth time in half an hour’ (Social media is an important part of every new business right?)
  • ‘I need to dust AGAIN!, stupid bloody bare brick walls’ (they look pretty but they make such a big dusty mess every day!)

Well there you go; A brief ten point glance into the mind of Bex. I hope you survived. It has been said that my mind is a crazy place; I hope you emerged relatively intact.
 I’m off to complete the final 50cm of French knitting I’m doing for this project (if your crafty you should check out pagesfrommymoleskineit’s full of lovely tutorials and ideas.)


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