Monday, 5 August 2013

Taking Stock.

We like this blog a lot...we've been reading it for years now. 
We think that Pip is the bees knees, soo we decided to play along with her 'Taking Stock'. Pull up a reading pew and find out some stuff about us ( when we say us we mean Bex).

Making : French knitted and knotted necklaces

Cooking : Slow roast pork belly and veg (it was yesterdays dinner)

Drinking : A can of fanta ( I stopped drinking fizzy pop for about four years but since I conquered my fear of the dentist I allow myself a can of fizzy orange from time to time)

Reading: Struggling through the last few chapters of Day Watch.

Wanting: The Debbie Greenaway print i just priced up and put out in the shop.

Looking: For a successful future

Playing: Albus and Winnie ( a game me and Beardy play involving members of the public who we think look like wizards or witches)

Wasting: The end bits of loaves of bread...they never seem to make it through to the end of the week without going moldy)

Sewing: Soon to be sewing a draw string pouch for the knitted and knotted necklaces.

Wishing: For lots of customers today

Enjoying: Listening to Daughter and getting excited for seeing her in September

Waiting: To wake up from this dream that is commonly known as my life at the moment.

Liking: Making lots and lots of pompoms for the new window display.

Wondering: If I've made the right decision

Loving: Selfish coffees (coffees where I'm by myself)

Hoping: The workshop tonight goes well.

Marvelling: At the incredible things people make by hand.

Needing: A couple more hours in the day

Smelling: The new lavender air freshener i brought for the shop

Wearing: a new pleated navy skirt i brought in a charity shop in Bath.

Following: My own lead since i took the full time plunge.

Noticing: Spots of floor i missed when i mopped this morning.

Knowing: I have to ‘just keep swimming’

Thinking: Of new display options for the shop.

Feeling: Fizzed up because i just finished my can of fanta.

Bookmarking: Workshop ideas.

Opening: New deliveries

Giggling: At stupid cheese jokes

Feeling: Postive over all with frequent bursts of doubt.

Until next time!

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  1. So glad to hear you've taken the full time plunge! :) I defiantly think it's the right thing to do, power to you bex! Safxxx